Racism continues to shape the outcomes of all institutions.
It pits entrenched patterns of power against faint images of equity.
To create real racial equity, we must learn how to deconstruct historical,
cultural and institutional racism and build something new and revolutionary in its place.
Join us as we train ourselves and others to live as anti-racists, transforming lives,
organizations and institutional outcomes.


Organizing Against Racism (OAR) is a network of anti-racism groups and activities that are based in or around the Triangle. Most of the participants in OAR activities are alumni of the 2-day Racial Equity Institute (REI) Anti-Racism workshop, and our activities were originally designed as ways to hold together the collective of local participants in the anti-racism workshops who want to support each other while deepening our understanding of how to be effective anti-racists.We come together to continue developing awareness about how racism lives in each of us and in our institutions, so that we may be strong, organized and clear in our efforts to dismantle racism.


The workshops and the original organizing effort have been sponsored by the Coordinating Committee for Organizing Against Racism (CCOAR). The CCOAR continues to function as a coordinating committee for the workshops and the organizing that flows out of our training: the OAR Alliance, the caucuses, and special support groups. The CCOAR’s intention has been to provide a platform for allowing REI workshop alumni to organize in a variety of ways including race-based caucuses and topic-based discussion groups and activities.