The Organizing Against Racism Alliance is a group of anti-racist individuals who are committed to collective study, discussion, analysis and action based on the principles of our 2-day Racial Equity training which we all participate in as much as possible.

Our members strive to participate in monthly race identity caucuses (People of Color Caucus and White Anti-Racist Caucus) which provide a safe place for us to learn more about the internalized racism and unconscious bias that live in all of us, impacting our behavior in all environments. The caucuses provide support for living as anti-racists by raising our consciousness and promoting healing.

To live an intentional anti-racist life is not easy because it is essentially counter-cultural and requires an effort to create a new culture that has not yet been realized in the United States. In order to live as an anti-racist and work for racial equity in all institutions and social structures it is necessary to say connected to:

-the racial equity principles and analysis that are taught in our workshops

-others in our Alliance and Caucuses for support, collective learning, analysis and action