POC Caucus

We are people of color intentional about transforming our society to end racism. However, people of color must understand the subtle and explicit internalized and externalized impacts of living in a racist society so that we can remove the means that maintain what we are experiencing. We come together to reflect, to dialogue, to remember, to tell the truth and to heal so that we can strengthen our individual and collective voice, and to re-establish and increase our collective power. We come together to remove the cycle of oppression and internalized racial inferiority through study, discussion, and planning strategies for action. Our work to heal ourselves will make us strong and effective leaders and partners in the anti-racism movement.

Chapel Hill: All caucuses meet monthly at the United Church of Chapel Hill.
For more information please contact Stephanie Perry- stephb.perry@aol.com

Durham: Please contact Jesse Huddleston- jhuddleston47@gmail.com for more information

Wake County: Please contact Kendall.harris@ymcatriangle.org or courtneyleeparker@gmail.com 


White Caucus

Our chief aim is to become effective white anti-racists. One of our objectives is to examine the ways that we have been conditioned and to develop deeper awareness of the power and privilege we have access to in a racialized society in which we are members of the dominant culture.

We want to do this in a compassionate and safe setting. Recognizing ways in which we have unwittingly been complicit in a system where the power of some has led to the oppression and disempowerment of others can be a painful process. But if we want to dismantle racism we must recognize and wrestle with our internalized white supremacy, and learn to love our changing selves and to embrace the power we have to bring about change, working as allies with people of color, as well as other white people.

All caucuses meet monthly at the United Church of Chapel Hill.
For more information please contact whunter1@nc.rr.com