We offer three REI workshops in the Triangle area. Following are descriptions of each. To see dates and locations for these workshops, please check out our Home Page and click on Upcoming Events.

Racial Equity Workshop — Phase I

Moving the focus from individual bigotry and bias, the REI Phase I workshop presents a historical, cultural, structural and institutional analysis. REI believes that organizations often work for equity with multiple understandings of racism that rely more on personal feelings and popular opinion. The lack of a common analysis creates complications to the goal of eliminating racial and ethnic disparities and producing equitable outcomes. With a clear understanding of how institutions and systems are producing unjust and inequitable outcomes, participants in Phase I are able to begin a journey to work toward social transformation and racial justice.

Racial Equity Workshop — Phase II

There is no more frequently asked question during and after a Phase I or our Foundational training than “what do I do?” Participants consistently want to rush out with a fragile, limited understanding and “do” something. Trainers and consultants must hold a tension between not crushing their interest and enthusiasm and illuminating how much more they need to know in order to put the new learning to practice. At one and the same time we are asking them to take a leap of faith and prepare to do it!

The Racial Equity Institute Phase II day training is designed to help individuals and institutions practice reframing problems and determining solutions with a racial equity lens. Using group exercises, it moves participants through a new way of thinking based on an “analysis before action” model and a learning continuum.  Participants will be encouraged to use the time honored “trial and error” approach, taking greater risks to change what are too often entrenched patterns of institutional practice.

Latino Challenges Toward Racial Equity Workshop

This two-day workshop is for people who work with and in Latino communities. It is designed to engage participants in a critical analysis of racism and the negative impact it has on the local community and Latino communities across the US. Most importantly, this workshop seeks to bring together Latinos and Latinas with other People of Color and whites to work to eliminate racial disparities in our institutions, generate positive outcomes in our communities and create racial equity throughout our society.

In this workshop, we examine race and racism, and explore the relationship between institutional racism, cultural racism, classism and other forms of oppression. We look through history at how people of Latin American origin have been racialized and how they “have come” to the United States. We examine how our educational, health care and other systems disproportionately impact Latinos and Latinas today. Additionally, we take a close look at the current process in the US to, once again, redefine racial categories and the devastating effects this process will have on Latinos and on this country’s long-term efforts toward racial equity if not interrupted now.